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Happy Clients

Elisabeth is a compassionate, gentle and empathetic practitioner, with excellent listening skills and a gift for creating the psychological and emotional safety that facilitates radical honesty. I can’t recommend her enough. She has great insight into and advice for mindfulness tools for reforming and shifting the self-limiting thinking patterns and habits that keep us stuck and prevent us from thriving. I would particularly recommend for creative individuals experiencing any kind of block to their expression, or who want to explore how to access more depth to their practice.

Desné Masie


It is with great pleasure that i submit this review in support of Elisabeth TONYE's enterprise 'Feel Good 101' , her work ive directly witnessed and experienced as a sincere labour of love to supporting the healing and advancing of both Mental and Physical health among community and clients of all ages and demographic.

Her vast range of skills and expertise in the performing arts together with her qualification and years of experience as a Reiki Master has enabled her to offer a rare full spectrum of both counsel and practical modalities of healing, creatively tailored to the individual.

For myself, as a practitioner of and advocate for Ayurveda - The traditional health care and healing system of India - i was particularly interested in Elisabeth's expertise in Reiki.

Ayurveda has high regard for and incorporates Reiki as a modality of healing, though truth be said not all Reiki practitioners demonstrate the high bar standard Ayurveda would expect. Elisabeth is one such practitioner who demonstrabally meets and offers such high standards.

The word Reiki, made of 2 syllables one derived from the Sanskrit word Rishi meaning 'Knower or transmitter of truth' and the other from the Japanese word Ki , the translation for life force.

Over the course of about 18 months from first meeting Elisabeth, i was able to establish her extensive background training and practitioner protocols she applies to her client consultations as preperation for her Reiki services and the careful consideration and time she gives to the after-care following up with her clients and their experiences post-session. Having both observed her exceptionally high standards over time as well as having myself received a full Reiki consultation and treatment from Elisabeth (at the ON THE LANE CLINIC, England's Lane , London NW3) i would absolutely recommend her Reiki services without reservation, for those seeking or considering an authentic and attentative Professional Reiki Master as a component to holistic healing and health maintenance.

Elisabeth has a rare ability to combind a deep level of intuitive sensitivity together with an advanced level of technical knowledge of Reiki which, in my submission, sets her apart from so many other practitoners. For Elisabeth to be able to further integrate her Reiki offering with her creative talents in the performing arts, she may well become one of the leading practitoners in holistic health care in future years to come. In the context of the Covid era such Mental and Physical health services will be required ever more so. For a specific understanding of what is both involved and what benefits can be derived or expected from a Reiki session I strongly recommend interested parties connect with Elisabeth at The Lane Clinic, and i whole heartedly wish her every continued success........
Luke McDonald,
The Ayurvedic Beverage Company, Founder

BAAAP (British Association of Accredited Ayurvedic Practitioners) Executive Mangement Comittee Member

Luke McDonald

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