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About Me

Your Art-Wellness Consultant

Hi everyone, Leez here!

- Over the past ten years, I underwent a massive inside and out change.
Especially when my father died one year after the birth of my daughter. I remember I was still living in the suburbs of Paris with my mum, my brother and my girl in a small apartment, meaning: it wasn't easy everyday... This is when I received an electrochoc... I had to face “death” and all the questions coming with it; I was REALLY scared of Death. Back in the days, I wasn’t necessarily thinking about the meaning of “mental health”, and to be honest, it sounded that asking for help will make you/me crazy. It was kind of taboo - a no-no.

Nowadays, the stigma is disappearing slowly but “I believe” surely.

- I have been practicing different types of Arts more than 20 years: singing, dancing, acting, drawing, making films etc. I just love creating - it’s my essence. All I can say is: Art facilitated me to keep my mental health on track, saved my Life more that I was able to save myself. It helped me to release the unsaid, the unexpressed, the unseen emotion, issue, trauma that I was experiencing. I noticed within my journey that the healing really takes place when we drop the mask off. This mask that we’re constantly wearing is heavy and hold us back from “Self Identity”. Being true, authentic and unapologetic was the key that shaped my Art into an intimate therapeutic healing tool.

- The good thing with Arts is that it is accessible to each of us; you don’t need to have a special talent to start practicing, just an open-mind is more than enough. That’s why I have decided to share what I have learnt: my tips, my tools, my Life vision, with whomever is willing to go on an adventure with me. If you set your mind free for new ways of seeing the World, “Your” world, I guarantee you lots of fun and discoveries about yourself.

- With Feel Good 101, my desire is to support, help, boost’s people Mental & Physical Health on a daily basis. I have created different courses that I call “Re-Creation” and programs, available on one to one or in group of four people maximum, where we explore “the Power of Words”, our natural Rhythm and have fun with “Changing Your Narrative”.
Adding to that, I’m a certified Reiki Master: a non-invasive natural healing technic helping you to find balance and harmony within yourself. I also have a background in advertising and a postgraduate diploma in Education.

- This new era where we are living in, makes us becoming aware every single day, that a good physical health condition needs to be linked with a good mental health state. Both can’t be separated.

If I feel good, I work good, I do good, I eat good, I look good etc.
To live together in harmony, we need to support each other - listen when someone needs to talk, to open up. Give advices the best we can when our friends, colleagues, family members are feeling down, depressed, anxious - guide them towards specialists etc.

This platform is a safe and non-judgemental place there for you, for us to connect, grow together and make us FEEL GOOD.

Looking forward to connecting with you.



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