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& Well-being Expert


  • Post Graduate in Education Sciences

  • Degree in Sociology

  • Bachelor in Advertising

  • CPD Elite Sales Specialist

  • +25 Years of Expertise in the Arts Industry (Singer/Songwriter, Drama, Dancer)

  • Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher

Elisabeth TONYE best Creativity Speaker in the World Forbes

About Me

Your Creativity & Well-being Expert

Hello everyone, it's Leez speaking!

Over the last decade, I've undergone a profound transformation from the inside out. This journey was especially triggered by my father's passing, which occurred a year after my daughter was born. At that time, I was still living in a small apartment in the suburbs of Paris with my mother, brother, and daughter. It was far from easy, and every day presented its challenges. It was during this period that I had a significant awakening. I was confronted with the concept of "death" and all the accompanying questions that it brings. I must admit, I was genuinely terrified of the idea of death. During those days, the notion of "mental health" wasn't really on my radar. To be honest, seeking help seemed to carry a stigma of being associated with insanity. It was a subject shrouded in taboo – something that was better left untouched.

In our present time, this stigma is gradually fading away, and I genuinely believe in its eventual disappearance.

For more than two decades, I've immersed myself in various forms of art – singing, dancing, acting, drawing, filmmaking, and more. Creating is my true essence, and I can confidently say that art has played a pivotal role in maintaining my mental well-being. It saved me in ways I couldn't save myself. It became a channel through which I could release unspoken emotions, unexpressed feelings, and hidden traumas. Along this journey, I realized that true healing occurs when we shed our masks. The mask we constantly wear is burdensome, holding us back from truly embracing our "Self Identity". Embracing authenticity, unapologetically, became the key that transformed my art into a profoundly intimate and therapeutic healing tool.

What's wonderful about arts is that it's accessible to all of us. You don't need any special talent to start engaging in artistic practices – an open mind is more than sufficient. This is why I've chosen to share my insights, techniques, and life perspective with anyone who's willing to embark on this adventure with me. By freeing your mind to new ways of perceiving the world – your world – I promise you a journey filled with fun and profound self-discovery.

Through Feel Good 101, my aspiration is to provide ongoing support, assistance, and enhancement of creativity and well-being. I've designed various workshops, In these, we explore "Re-creation" where corporates can focus on Team Building and productivity, "the Power of Words", where children learn how to shape their reality, and we deeply engage in "The Art of Rebirth", where we get rid of the old beliefs system to become the better version of ourselves. Additionally, I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher and singer/songrwriter. My background also includes a training in advertising and a postgraduate diploma in Education Sciences.

In this era we find ourselves in, the importance of the symbiotic relationship between physical and mental health is clearer than ever. These two aspects are inextricably linked.

When I feel good, my work excels, my actions are positive, my diet is balanced, and my overall well-being shines through. To coexist harmoniously, we must offer each other support – being attentive when someone needs to share, offering a listening ear. We should provide the best advice possible when our friends, coworkers, or family members are struggling with feelings of sadness, depression, or anxiety – guiding them toward professional help when needed.

This platform serves as a safe and non-judgmental space for all of us to connect, feel, create together, and cultivate positivity.

Looking forward to our connection.

With love,


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