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8 steps to Change Your Narrative (8hrs)

Explore your Creative Power & rewrite your story in a 60-day trip.

  • 8 hours
  • 333.30 British pounds
  • Location 1

Service Description

Need to manifest your Dreams?

 A 60-DAY journey to reset, re-program and take over your subconscious mind. 
Dive deep within to change your narrative, therefore change your Life. Change the story’s parts that don’t serve you anymore. 
Build your firm, sturdy, internal foundation: your inner house.

 -->Reset - Rebirth - Refresh - RETHINK - Rebuild - Rejoice

 This program is for you if you:

 -Feel stuck in your actual narrative
 -Need to redefine your Life purpose
 -Can not look at yourself in the mirror 
-Feel misunderstood
 -Lack of self-love, self-esteem 
-Feel anxious about the daily life
 -Lost your inner voice, your inner truth
 -Are ready and determine to make a change.


 You really need to be willing to transform, to transmute yourself, and go beyond what you already know of who you are, for this program to be efficient.
 To change your subconscious mind you need to take the decision in your conscious state. 
 • If you need a daily coaching support to keep you going,  you can enrol the program here where I will personally be with you along your Journey to changing your narrative.

 • If you are one of those with a very strong will and determination, who can do the work on their own, I suggest you to join the challenge on our "Programs' page" 

I will take on the same train that I took to “Change My Narrative”, difference is,
 you will come on board with your own story, character, thesis, tension, antithesis etc. 
I will be there to share my magical tools with you, and you will use them in a way that is suitable for you.
 8 different steps/stops to become the person you want to be.
 It’s gonna be very emotional but also fun, exciting and gratifying.

 A place is already there for you.

 Come on board! NB: The price contains a total of 8 sessions of 1 hour each. We do give a 20% discount for those on "benefits". Please email us at for more details. Disclaimer: all the contents are created according to my expertise of more than twenty years. You should always refer to medical advice first for anything concerning your health.

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