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This tote bag is ideal for a personal shopping or just to spread some good vibration outside.


"Love & Gratitude" are considered to be the most powerful words in terms of vibrations according to Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author who made studies on the power of words on water.

The Human body is composed of at least 60% of water which makes us also reactive in the same way as water in contact of these words. At Feel Good 101, we endeavor our best everyday to live by Love & Gratitude.


*The Red Arc helps us to stay grounded.

*The Orange Arc enhances our creative power.

*The Yellow Arc helps us with our self-confidence, self-esteem, and to trust our intuition.

Tote Bag Love & Gratitude

SKU: 366615376135191
  • * 100% Cotton
    * 145gsm
    * Weight: 72g
    * Size 38 x 42cm
    * Capacity: 10 Litres
    * Handle length 67cm

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